Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two Weeks From Today...

I'll be on my way to Chicago! Jared, Lucy, Caleb (our Bridge 45 Intern) and I will be on our way to attend Conpsire. Last year I blogged here , here and here about what a journey it was to get to Conspire. This year's journey is an addition to last year's and so much more.

When I was a sophomore in high school (11 years ago) my mom went to her first Promiseland Conference. She was new to her position as Children's Ministries Director, yet not new to being innovative in ministry to children. At that time there were different locations for the conference, and she went to one in British Columbia. I remember her calling me and telling me how amazing it was. That she was so excited to find out she wasn't the only one who knew church could be more than the traditional Sunday school I'd grown up with. She told me about their amazing sets and props she saw. She told me how much I'd love to see it.

I can't remember how many more Promiseland Conferences she went to. Even though I didn't think a job in Children's Ministry was in my future any time soon, I thought it would be too cool to go to one too. In 2006, my mom and I attended the Promiseland Conference together. It was like a dream come true for both of us. We were less than 3 months away from my mom handing the program at Morning Star off to me. It was like a great passing-of-the-baton event.

Sitting in the main sessions as well as the break out sessions, the English/Communications college major in me dreamed of a day where I might be one of those presenters. Not because I wanted acknowledgement or accolades for my job. But because that would fully encompass two of my dreams--leading children's ministry and being a speaker. I also feel like I've had such great people to learn from (especially my mom), and have already experienced so many valuable lessons, that I'd just love to share!

Knowing that background, imagine my reaction when I received an email asking me to be a presenter in two training experiences at this year's Conspire Conference (the new name for the Promiseland Conference). I literally went tripping out of my office to tell Lucy my exciting news and couldn't keep my words straight when I called my mom.

Two weeks from tomorrow, I'll be soaking everything in. I'm sure I'll feel encouraged and rejuvenated by the main session speakers and the worship. And two weeks from Thursday, a dream will come true. With two children's ministries people whom I greatly respect and am impressed by (honestly, I don't feel worthy to be sharing alongside them), I'll talk about what we've been learning about small groups and 4th and 5th graders here at Morning Star. And two weeks from Friday, I'll once again be sitting in the audience, soaking everything in. I can't wait.

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Empty Nesters said...

It is such a blessing to know that God had you in mind when He blessed me in a huge way at that first conference! I'll never forget: "Stop! Children treasured here!"....those were the words stamped on my heart. That vision drove me to reach ALL kids. May God bless you and those around you as you learn more about treasuring those precious children! Love,

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