Thursday, March 19, 2009

Conspire Day 1, Session 2

Spirital Formation of Children--Dr. Ivy Beckworth & Dr. Donald Radcliff

How do you define it?
-By encouraging children to be Christlike--connecting child and God, see that they're growing and learning, we are not the ones doing the forming, God is. We can facilitate.
-Helping children to love God and live in the ways of Jesus.

How do we know we're spiritually forming kids?
-Watch and listen to them--see God working
-You can't measure it. Not a test, but a testimony. Have them tell their story.

Forming children is a process, a journey, and we are the beginning of it. We get to watch for the little moments.

We continue each day with faith that God will continue to work in that child.

"Church is good at doing things for children, but not as good at doing things with children." John Westerhoff

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