Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Even More Unexpected Answers

Two weeks ago I posted about how God had a different answer to my request to go to Promiseland. Since then, we've been happily planning our trip to Seattle and continued with ministry as usual. But then, I got a phone call. I was in my office chatting with Amy about... I don't know, something. And our receptionist buzzed me that Amy Dolan with Willow Creek Association was on the line for me. I just assumed it was a phone call to check up on ordering curriculum. But then, as I picked up the phone, it clicked. Was this Amy Dolan as in Lemon Lime Kids Amy Dolan? The Amy who my mom heard speak at a breakout session at the conference two years ago? The Amy who brought Krispy Kreme donuts and left such an impression my mom still makes references to it here and there? The Amy who's blog I read and love? The Amy who is on the planning committee for the conference? So, of course I asked, and yes! It was that Amy Dolan. Now before I get on with my story I have to say that there are four people in Children's Ministries who are like celebrities to me. They are people that I would LOVE to sit down and have a conversation with--maybe even get an autograph. These four are David Staal (Promiseland Director), Larry Shallenberger (I love his blog and books), Jim Wideman (Children's Ministries revolutionary, writer and speaker) and Amy Dolan (I think I described her well enough above). So yes, one of my celebrities was calling me!

Now back to my story. Once we clarified who exactly I was talking with, Amy went on tell me that she had read my blog about not being able to go to Promiseland, and would like to make it possible for me and a guest to go! I couldn't believe it! We could stay with a host family even. All we'd have to figure out is a way to get there! I keep using exclamation points because that's the only way to show just how excited I was. After we hung up, I went yelling down the hall to Amy's (my Early Childhood Director) office... "YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT!" I told her the story. She screamed. We ran up the stairs, told Joanne, she grinned. We ran down the hall and told Ken, he shook his head in disbelief and said "Well, I'm not standing in your way." I called my mom, she was happy for me. But I hadn't spread my joy quite enough yet, so I called my dad (woke him up because he just got back from Budapest). And the list goes on, I told everyone I came in contact with (even sent Brett a note through Facebook).

All this to say, I LOVE the way God works. Here I thought He'd already given his answer regarding conferences. I figured His plan wasn't to provide the remaining $2000 and instead send us to Seattle. But His plan didn't stop there. He's taking our team to Seattle and taking me and Amy to Chicago. Oh, one other amazing thing--plane tickets are actually cheaper right now than they were when I priced things out a month ago! Oh, God is good.

And... Amy Dolan reads my blog!


Jeff said...


WOW! And there is nothing wrong with using a lot of "!'s" because is bigger than "!". Thanks for waking me up with the good news, because it is so good to hear how good God is.

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Are you ready for our big adventure Jilly? I am so excited to see where God will take us this spring. Yeeehaa, to Promiseland we go! Thank you and bless you Amy Dolan!


Robyn said...


I'm so excited for you... your excitement is contagious! I can only hope to be as 'famous' as you some day :0) Hey, at least I can say this famous Children's Ministry Director Jill cuts my hair. I'll take that!

What an exciting opportunity this is. You'll have to come back and share all of your awesome insight and knowledge with me!

I'm so grateful to have a Children's Ministry Director buddy. You are an encouragment and an inspiration in SO many ways... and you're a great hairdresser too!


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