Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who'da Thunk?

We had another Family Movie Night on Friday and it was a big hit! It was our second highest attended out of the four we have now had, which was pretty surprising considering it was Spring Break week. Our snack bar has served items such as candy bars, popcorn and Capri Suns, but we've been looking for an additional unique item to sell. While at Conspire, Lucy and I noticed that their coffee shop sold a "cup of dirt," or a cup of pudding with crushed cookies and gummy worms on top. We loved the simplicity of the idea! Jared was on top of things and found all the materials we needed for a minimal cost (did you know you can buy large cans of pre-made chocolate pudding??), and we started promoting it at church the Sunday before.

100 people (children and adults combined) attended on Friday, and we sold 25 cups of dirt. One mom told me that her kindergartner daughter was ready to skip going to Grandma's house and come to the movie night just so she could have a cup of dirt.

Who'd have thought that such a simple, inexpensive snack would create such a draw for our event? We'll definitely keep serving dirt, and be looking for any other toxic, gross, or filthy snack ideas for future times!

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