Thursday, March 29, 2007

145 Dollars!

A few weeks ago, the curriculum for Grow Zone (second-fifth grades) challenged the kids to do work around the house for money. The money they earned was to go towards a class-wide giving project. On Sunday, we collected $145 from the kids to be given to the Union Gospel Mission! I was amazed by what the kids did. Not only did they understand the challenge, but they remembered to do it when they got home. Kids vacuumed their houses, cleaned gerbil cages, washed dishes, rubbed feet, etc. And they were so excited to know they were helping people who are less fortunate than themselves. Way to go Grow Zone!


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It was great hearing from you on my blog. Great start on your blog! Are you planning on going to Willow next year? I just purchased a couple of registrations for next year and will be driving down (8 hours) with some of my team. I'd love to meet up with you and your team if you go.

To answer you question you left on my blog I have heard of the book "The Blogging Church" but haven't read it yet.

BTW if you are going to read multiple blogs you really need to sign up under a program called "Bloglines". It's like a central viewing station for all the blogs you want to subscribe to. I have one and you can look at all the blogs I subscribe to by following this link:

Good to hear from you...say hi to your mom, brother and dad for me...and say to my mom too.


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