Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hello from Chicago!

Amy and I are currently attending the Children's Ministry conference at Willow Creek Community Church outside Chicago. Today was the first day, and it was GREAT! There is something so powerful about joining with 3000 other Children's Ministry workers from around the world. While there is so much I could share... for now, I'll stick to just one point. Today was encouraging.
Last year I attended the conference with my mom. Each day left me feeling inspired, overwhelmed, passionate, excited, scared, a mix of emotions. This year, I still feel inspired, passionate and excited. But along with that, I feel like our ministry is moving forward, and doing it well. This doesn't mean we don't still have room for improvement, or lots to do. But through conversations with other directors with ministries similar to our size, or slightly smaller, I was affirmed that Morning Star is a great place to work. My pastoral staff supports me in a way that is rare amoung Children's directors. My volunteers are dedicated and loyal. I love my job description. I have two staff team members who are also passionate about what they do, and our personalities compliment one another. We aren't having to work hard to gain the respect of our church, and mountains (within our church) don't need to be moved in order for us to carry out the dreams God has given us.
But beyond all that, the Word of God is being taught clearly to our children. They leave each Sunday with a greater understanding of His word, and how it applies to their lives. We still have a journey ahead of us. But I travel this road enthusasticly.

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