Thursday, March 8, 2007

Why Do We Love Our Volunteers?

Children's Ministries at Morning Star depends on over 100 individuals per week who give of their time and energy to make sure that the young ones of our church know the love of the Lord. Without these volunteers the children could not be reached. I love seeing the different giftings in each person. From Deena Golden who can walk through a store and see props for a Bible story in ordinary items. To Tom Payseno who understands that our elementary aged boys need to grow into strong men of God. Or Connie Hammond who prepares crafts for two and three-year-olds. Laura Snodgrass not only loves to teach, but she also loves to shop for our tape, scissors, paper, crackers, glue... We have baby holders, toy cleaners, people greeters, name tag writers, lesson teachers, craft makers, song leaders, bathroom takers, table lifters, chair movers, oh the list goes on and on! Without all of you, our ministry could not exist! Thank you for what you do, and be assured that you are making a difference.

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