Monday, March 5, 2007

Family Experience

This Friday, March 9 is our third Family Experience and I'm so excited! The first two went really well, so it'll be neat to see what happens through this one. Our key concept is "Generosity: Making someone's day by giving something away." We have a great acting team lined up to help illustrate the Bible story! If you aren't familiar with how FX works, here's some background information:
The two greatest influences on the life of a child are the family and the church. On average, the church has about forty hours a year with a child. The family, on the other hand, has three thousand hours. As the church, we would like to engage the family. We would like to combine these two influences. After all, wouldn’t two combined influences have a greater impact than only two influences?
The goal of FX has two parts. One goal is to get parents of elementary aged children excited about what their kids are learning at church. The other goal is to coach parents in how to further their child’s spiritual learning at home.

FX will be high-energy, exciting and fun. It is designed to be a time where kids bring the parents to church. We’ll begin with high energy worship and then slow the songs down so the kids see that their parents praise God just like they do. We will then expand on a lesson your children recently learned in either Discovery or Grow Zone, and provide an opportunity for the family to circle up for a small group time to discuss the lesson and pray together similar to a family devotional time.

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