Sunday, February 15, 2009

What I Love to Hear

This morning my Executive Pastor, Ken, called me over to meet a lady. I recognized her as a mom in our ministry, but wasn't sure we'd actually met. We shook hands, etc. and then Ken explained why he called me over. The mom had just been telling him that their family had attended our church off and on for the past few years. But they just became consistent in the past couple of months because her kindergarten daughter loves her class so much.

"Aleah is up, dressed and ready, every Sunday morning," the mom told me. "She never wants to miss a week. It's because of her that we're coming regularly."

Reminded me of a time when a family greeted me in the lobby before service. "Thanks a lot," the mom said. "My husband and I wanted to skip church and just sleep in this morning, but the kids wouldn't let us."

I love stories like this! We know that the child's enjoyment at church greatly influences a family's attendance. If the child hates it, they'll fight it. And parents will get tired of the fight and eventually give in. But if the child loves it, there's no stopping them from being at church each week.

Just one more reason why Children's Ministries is so important!

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Natalie said...

That is so neat and such an encouragement!! Keep up all the great work that you do for everyone at MSCC!! :)

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