Saturday, February 14, 2009


I am officially a Twitterer. I've heard it mentioned frequently on blogs, Kidology, and Facebook. I'd even been told at times that I should Twitter too. But I never really felt like I'd have that much to say... "Sitting at my desk," "watching TV," and "walking the dog," didn't seem like anything that would interest anyone else.

Then I heard of a new Children's Ministries hash tag so people could follow conversation about Children's Ministries on Twitter. Still didn't really understand what would be so necessary about it though. Then I sent a blog link to Chris, our media guy at work, and he noticed other twitter posts on this blog. He asked why I wasn't on Twitter. I finally admitted the core of why I hadn't joined in yet: I didn't know how to Twitter. So he sent me a LONG instant message (should have been an email) on how to do it. And now I'm hooked. I can follow some of my favorite Children's Ministers from all over the country. And I've discovered so many more!

So, that was a very lengthy version of what could have just been: @jill_nelson joined Twitter.

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Natalie said...

lol! I have a twitter thing too, but I don't understand it. Maybe once you get everything figured out you can explain whats so great about it...I don't see what the difference is from just updating my Facebook status.

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