Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's almost over!

I can't believe we've already passed the half way point for VBS. This week has been such an incredible blessing! I just have to share some of my highlights from the week so far:

-Decorating on Friday went so well that I didn't have to come back on Saturday to finish.

-Set up on Sunday was done in record time--my husband had help from 7 other guys (as opposed to the one helper he's had the past two years)!

-We have 125 volunteers working each day to care for, serve snacks, lead games, register, etc. the 185+ children.

-19 wonderful ladies in the church have made sure our volunteers are fully fed each morning.

-I went to warn our activity station ladies that the kids were coming soon and found them praying for the children's hearts, the volunteers, the families of the children, and our leadership.

-After each game ends, Aaron (our elementary game guy) has the kids circle up to pray.

-Our preschool kids can't get to their classrooms fast enough--one little boy even clapped his hands and tapped his foot to encourage his dad to catch up.

-Volunteers are building relationships. People who are new to our church are developing friendships with others who have been here for years. Old friends are catching up. I've joked that I'm glad we can provide a week to catch up on socializing!

-All the volunteers are showing up early or on time. Everything's running on schedule!

-Our teen counselors are amazing!

-Besides leading worship, I don't have anything to do!

And to think, I still have two more days that I'm confident will be full of blessings!

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Nolan said...

Sounds amazing! I am definitely proud of my wife =)

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