Saturday, January 12, 2008

We Survived!

Tonight was our first Saturday evening service. Considering we just announced it to the church last Sunday (by the way, if you weren't there, we now have a Saturday evening service), the response was incredible! Attending adults, children, and volunteers totaled about 525, almost three times what was anticipated. While our classes were over crowded and under staffed, the evening lacked the chaos that could have easily ensued. Clearly, we were covered by God's grace. I also know there were several things that helped us in the process. So what helped tonight go so well?

-While this addition has been a topic of discussion for a few years, three months ago we were warned of the possibility of a Saturday evening service in the near future. We began researching like crazy! Thanks to some wonderful, helpful Children's Ministry leaders on Kidology (a forum I'm a part of) we had a rough idea of what to expect--volunteer response, possible attendance, and even advice for avoiding burn out. Without their words of wisdom and experience our team would have been lost.

-After researching, we had a long meeting to hash out what was needed, expected, to be avoided, and much much more. We talked through the pros and cons of starting such a service, and methods for simplifying our program on Saturdays.

-We were told to wait. We thought a Saturday service had become a distant dream. But then, when it was put on the calendar with only a few weeks notice (with Christmas in the middle of those weeks), we were ready to go with our notes from before.

-We held things loosely. We accepted that flexibility would be our motto. We planned well but were prepared to change.

-And finally, we trusted. Trusted that God was guiding our executive staff. Trusted that God would bring the volunteers. And trusted the Lord would bless our efforts.

I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Geary Furukawa, Molly Cotter, and Nolan Nelson. Three volunteers who came tonight and will return in the morning. Thank you for your willingness to help us get this new ministry up and running.

So here we are, one Saturday service down... countless to go!

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What a great attitude and way to start!

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