Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Importance of Good Advertising

My husband and I love our TV shows. Which is why our evening life has been somewhat sad since the writers' strike postponed all hope of new episodes after the Christmas break. So this evening, after finishing a movie (Netflix is now our best friend), we were scrolling through the channels and noticed Chuck was scheduled to play after Celebrity Apprentice. Last time we'd seen our favorite Buy More employee we were told Chuck may or may not be around in 2008. So we checked the info on the show to find out which episode would re-run. Imagine our surprise upon reading that it was brand new!

We've watched commercial after commercial introducing new sitcoms, dramas and game shows. We've watched movies to avoid the sadness felt from not seeing our favorite friends of TV land. And we've even ventured as far as playing board games and trying something old fashioned called "talking." Wouldn't you think at some point in the midst of our desperate search for new episodes, NBC and the producers of Chuck would have promoted a new episode non stop? We're so glad to have happened upon a random listing (and I just discovered there was another episode even earlier) allowing a reunion.

And as commonly happens, a TV show I enjoy got me thinking about ministry. How often do we have something great to offer, an event we've intensely invested in, or a valuable thing to share, yet neglect the important aspect of good advertising? How many times are we saddened by poor results, while parents, children, families are sitting at home, finding other things to fill their time, all the while unaware that they're missing what they've been waiting and hoping for?

And a final thought (as the episode of Chuck just came to a close with the statement of "new episodes coming soon")... when you do satisfy that need/hope of the people, make sure that you offer concrete, upcoming options. We must be careful not to excite and give hope, yet lack future follow through.

I'm happy to have unexpectedly spent an hour with our television friend, and I look forward to seeing him again. And while I watch carefully for upcoming episodes, may it be a reminder and a caution to make sure the families in my ministry don't have to be so attentive.

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