Thursday, October 4, 2007

October is Finally Here!

I love the month of October. Beyond the joy brought by watching trees change colors, the weather turn cool, and a change in wardrobe, it's my favorite month in Children's Ministries. September is a crazy month of finding the right people for the right roles, training new volunteers, and children going crazy with the weather change. Then October comes and I breath a sigh of relief. People know what they're doing. Kids are becoming accustomed to sitting for longer periods of time but aren't tired of learning yet. October is the time where I get to analyze our current effectiveness, make improvements to the look of our lobby, start visiting with parents who disappeared over the summer. And I relax, knowing November will come soon enough, and with it illnesses, holidays and anxiety from the kids for a vacation. But for now, it's October and I love it!

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