Monday, June 7, 2010

VBS is 2 Weeks Away!

VBS starts two weeks from today! I am so excited about this year's them, "Your Story: The Adventure of a Lifetime." We came up with it when we realized Toy Story 3 hits theaters the Friday before VBS starts. We figured that common Toy Story themes are identity and teamwork, so we will be teaching the kids about what it means to be a believer. We'll be learning about being a believer, learning as a believer, living as a believer, reaching as a believer, and celebrating as a believer. I can't wait, and I know the kids can't either! This week I'll be doing posts about what specifically we'll be learning about each day.

And if you're visiting this blog looking for information about signing your kids up for VBS, here's what you need to know:
  • VBS is June 21-25, 9 am - noon.
  • It's for kids 4-years-old through those entering 5th grade in the fall.
  • Price is $20/each for the first two kids per family, $15/each after that.
  • We'd love to have your family join us at the theater watching Toy Story 3 on June 25. Tickets are $8/each and will be for sale through the Monday of VBS. We'll be attending the showing in the 6 pm hour, but won't know the specific time until the week of VBS.
  • Registration forms are available during the week at the church offices or in the south lobby during weekend services.
  • Questions? Call 503.581.2477.


Nena said...

Love this idea... was thinking about using this theme for my first grade classroom.. any ideas for me?

Jill Nelson said...

Nena--It was such a fun theme to work with since there are so many great Toy Story things in stores right now because of the new movie being out. We had fun decorating and making it look like the kids were the same size as the toys--so the scale was all very large. My favorite decoration was that we printed off pictures of green army men from the movie (printed them as large as we could make them on 8.5x11 paper), and attached them to bright color tissue paper as parachutes and had them hanging from the ceiling. When we added that element it was perfect!

mermandy said...

Where did you get the font to make this logo?

Jill Nelson said...

Mermandy--I'm not sure what the font was, a graphic designer from our church did the design for us. Sorry!

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