Monday, May 17, 2010

What Matters Now?

I'm excited to tell you about an exciting, new, FREE, Children's Ministries resource that is now available, and e-book called, "What Matters Now in Children's Ministry." I was asked a while back to write about one word that I think is what matters now in ministry to children. Oh, and I had to say it in 200 words or less. I think it only took about 5 different drafts, passing my laptop back and forth to my husband to see if he thought I was really making a point, and several different words before I settled on my word: evaluation. Now that the e-book is out, I am so excited about the variety of words and authors! 33 different people contributed, and I love the different aspects of reaching children they all touched on. I'm honored to have my name listed alongside so many of the authors and bloggers I've respected for so long! Not to mention, I now have several new people to follow as each article links to the author's blog.

If you're wanting some fresh inspiration, to learn something new, have your ministry affirmed, or just want to be able to start reading something you can actually start and finish (again, each essay is 200 words or less), you should check out this resource!

I should also comment on how great it looks! While we've all heard the saying, "You can't judge a book by its cover," we all know that people do judge a book by its look. Knowing that, this will be judged well! Imago was generous and donated their resources and designed all of the graphics you see in What Matters Now. I looked forward to seeing what graphic was paired with each word just as much as I enjoyed reading what was written on the next page.

If you want to be a part of the discussion surrounding this resource and further improving the way we reach kids for Christ, follow it on Twitter here or Facebook here.

So all in all, should you check out this e-book? Yes! And if you're someone who'd rather hold a book in your hand than read it on a screen (and don't want to use all of your ink in printing it), a print version will be released on June 14. So go on already, check it out!

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Amy Dolan said...

jill - i absolutely love your chapter on evaluating. your words are gentle enough to lovingly convict us all that evaluation is necessary! thank you -


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