Monday, March 8, 2010

Finally Transitioning!

January 1, 2010 marked the day that I was no longer a full time employee of Morning Star Community church. I had been looking forward to that day long before I started the job. The hope of that day went as far back as my dream of becoming a mom. It was a beautiful day! I went from working four full days in the office to working three, three hour mornings.

The first week brought slightly longer days than intended, but I expected that to happen. It wasn't for a lack of planning or productivity with my time. It was simply adjusting all of our thinking toward when to have conversations and what to cover as soon as I got to work rather than putting it off in the day.

I loved being able to focus my time on the big picture and not having the small tasks that had filled my time before. It was amazing how much my desire and passion for working increased. In a time that I thought I'd be anxious to be done, I found my love for my job renewed. I was also blessed by watching Jared step right into his role of being the full time, elementary pastor. Little issues that would have been mine to deal with were handled smoothly by him. The volunteer who was taking care of all of our elementary prep needed to step down because of an upcoming move, so she trained someone else to take over her role. But that person ended up falling through and we had to find someone new to fill the role and train them as well. And know what? I didn't have to do a thing!

Lucy also was quick to make sure anything I was doing wasn't something that could be handled by her. I left masters to be copied on her desk, and the number of fliers needed would be there on the weekend. Jan, my assistant, trained with me on setting up and running our check-in system on Sunday mornings. After one week of showing her what to do, I arrived at church and found her in the process of setting everything up. It was wonderful to not need to bend over with my big belly to get cords and computers out of a box!

My team repeatedly proved why I knew twelve months before that this transition would be a smooth one. And when February 2 (the first day after my due date that would have been a work day) brought labor pains, I was able to focus completely on welcoming my son knowing there wasn't anything else I needed to do at the office.

We're just over half way through my maternity leave, and my team has made me so proud. This past month hasn't been without its out of the ordinary circumstances and stressful situations. But with every update or conversation to get my feedback, I have been left with even more confidence in how they're running things in my absence. It makes me look forward to going back!

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