Thursday, October 23, 2008

God Works in Big Ways

My last post was about having to close our elementary class last Saturday. This week we had it open again, and our volunteer count quadrupled! We actually had to turn away a helper because otherwise we'd have too many volunteers and not enough kids! God blew me away with His provision. I'll have to remember this time of blessing as an encouragement next time we feel like there's no hope.

Another exciting thing is that the modular units for our adult classes are being installed as I write this, and our Bridge 45 unit will be delivered tomorrow! It'll still be a few weeks before it's usable, but it's encouraging to finally see some progress on our church grounds. If you'd like to know more about Bridge 45 (our new preteen ministry and the curriculum we're creating for it), or would like to see pictures of the install-process, check out my other blog here.


Natalie said...

That is fantastic news on all counts!! I am so glad that people finally saw the need and stepped up! Our kids deserve nothing less!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Salem's child-advocates are a precious resource!

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