Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Support My Leaders

Our church staff has gone through some changes over the past 6 months. While I know many churches are used to seeing leaders come and go, ours saw little change for quite a while. The latest "goodbye" was particularly painful for me as my husband had really connected with this pastor. After an emotional evening on Tuesday, I went into a staff get away/work day/vision casting/whatever else we may call it wondering how I would feel about the general direction of our church. What I saw from my Executive Pastor and Senior Pastor was honesty, genuine desire to hear from the staff, and an urgent hope to see our church to move forward. The more we discussed, critiqued, and brainstormed as a ministry staff, the more I respected those who lead us. When I returned home that evening, I was pleased to tell my husband, "I support Scott and Ken."
I think it's very important in ministry to remember why we support those who lead us. It seems like the times that I go through heart-wrenching questioning and seeking I find the most affirmation in where God has me. It is in the times of defending my church and its leaders that I am most passionately secure in my position. And it is often because of these times of affirmation and passion that I am able serve the Lord better.
In his book, "Lead the Way God Made You," Larry Shallenberger said that if your vision for Children's Ministry does not fall in line with that of your church, you need to evaluate whether your vision can change, or you need to change which church you serve in. I whole-heartedly agree. Our Executive Pastor's wife once said that the Senior Pastor is the caster of the vision for the church, and it's the duty of her husband to be the carrier and keeper of that vision. I'll take that point a step further by saying it's also the duty of ministry leaders in the church to carry and keep the vision.
And after questioning, pondering, evaluating and praying, I am happy and honored to carry and keep the vision of my pastor. I support my leaders.

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