Saturday, August 4, 2007

Upholding the Standard of Excellence

Sometimes I don't want to worry about how something looks and settle for less than the best. But then I remember where I work and change my mind. At our church, there is a high standard for image. Some perceive it as a vanity issue. I see it as obedience. God put His absolute best into creation. After all, He made us in His image. Why should we, His followers, be content with just ok? It seems like in Children's Ministries, it's easy to loose track of a good image, after all, do the kids really care how our display table looks?
Our Women's Ministries Director makes every display she does beautiful. It doesn't matter if it's for a season-long Bible study or a one night event, her promotion displays are elegant. My hope is to make a "Pattie Quality" look to everything I do. I want my Children's Ministries displays and tables to catch the eye of a mother and make her want to be a part of something so nice. To be specific and to the point for the person who has to stop by quickly. To instill excitement in onlookers. But most of all, I want to honor the Lord by putting the effort into making my work reflect the work He did in me.

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